Step by Step guide to flexi rod set on 2C type hair (as natural hair)

Having curls can come with a lot of benefits. It makes you shine and stand out in the crowd and most of all, it just goes with every outfit. 

You can wear curls at the beach, at school or in the office and they will still bring out that stylish look all day. 

So you are curious about making your hair curly and want to give it a try? This article will discuss all the steps involved in creating gorgeous curls. 

The first step is actually finding out your hair type. This article will focus on how you can create curls if you have the 2C type hair. Want to know more about other hair types? Click here. 

So, what does it mean to belong to this hair type?

We know that the 2C falls between the 2B and the 3A. It has a much looser texture and as such, it is prone to frizz. Accordingly, researchers have given some pieces of an advice on a variety of manners with respect to a hair care products.

Because of these factors, it is always best to look for products that will enrich the texture, add shine to your 2C hair as well as reduce the frizz that develops from time to time. You can simply click here to take a look at some of these products.

We are, of course, talking about shampoo, lightweight oils and smooth conditioner sets. These products renew the hair strands while keeping them light (ensuring that your hair is not weighed down. 

Shampoos are the best hair cleansing detergents so far. Besides that, they also provide some nutritional benefits to your hair, especially those products that have special ingredients like aloe and coconut, among others.

However, some shampoos cause the hair to become very dry, making you prone to hair loss. So, it is better to choose a shampoo that keeps your hair hydrated after a wash

So, what are Flexi-rods?

These are flexible devices that have a cylindrical shape and are used to create curls. I’m sure you have come across these rods at some point. 

If you don’t know how to use them (which I’m assuming you don’t), you will learn all you need to know right in this article. 

What is the right size you need? 

I’m sure you know that when it comes to the size of the flexi-rods, finding the right size depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. 

Small flexi-rods are usually red in color and you achieve some small, tight curls. The smaller flexi-rods take a much longer time to set up than the larger ones. 

The largest (called the Jumbo sized) Flexi-rods usually have the color purple or blue and you can achieve a large wavy look when you use them. 

You will find the medium sized flexi-rods in the gray (or sometimes orange) color. When you use them, you can achieve some medium sized curls. These are pretty much my favorite. 

Just to be safe, consider having at least 30 rods at your disposal. Based on how I know the 2C hair, that should be enough. 

How many rods will I need? – Hair density

The number of rods that you will need will depend on the look you are trying to achieve and the hair density. Let’s explain both of them. 

As we said earlier, there are 3 main sizes of flexi-rods, the small, medium and jumbo sized rods. What happens is that, if you want to smaller curls, you will most likely need more rods. On the other hand, if you want larger ones, the number of rods needed will be less. 

And of course, we have the hair density. It simply means the thickness or the coarseness of your hair. 

In other words, it is basically the number of strands that you have on your head, despite the fact that you can’t count them. So how do you measure hair density?

There’s a very simple way of knowing if you have a low, medium or a high density. 

Here’s how:

Part your hair in the center and then let the hair strands fall in any side. How much of your scarp do you see? – Of course, without having to push or force your hair in any direction. 

If you can see a lot of your scarp, you have low hair density and if you can’t see any scarp at all, you have high hair density. On the other hand, if you can only see a little bit of your scarp, you have the medium hair density. A lot of women seem to fall in this category.

Step by step guide to flexi rod set on 3A

Before we get into it, here is a small checklist of the things you will need

  1. Clips
  2. Comb
  3. Water in a spray bottle
  4. Foam flexi-rollers
  5. Hooded hairdryer
  6. Mousse 
  7. Moisturizing Lotion

Here are the steps that you should follow

Step 1:

Before you begin the whole process, make sure that your hair is dry. If it is already wet, you should dry it. Make sure that it is not completely dry but rather a bit moist. 

What you want to do in this step is to first use the water in the spray bottle to mist your hair, but do not overdo and make your hair look like it was dipped in a pool of water. 

This step is very important because it makes it easier for you to move your hair around- we are talking about flexibility. 

After the misting process, it is now time to apply a moisturizing lotion. Use a lotion that will keep your hair soft. Make sure you use a comb to detangle your hair and distribute the lotion to all hair stems. 

Step 2

From the mist process, comes the parting method. Using the comb that you used in step 1, divide your hair into 5 sections, having 2 sections at the back (one on each side of the back of the head), two sections at the front top of the head and have one in the middle- this one should be forward falling over your face. 

However, depending on your hairs’ length, you can part your hair into more or less than the 5 sections- experiment to find out what works best for you.

What you are doing here is that you are parting the hair to create guidelines- where your curls will fall when the whole process is done. 

Step 3

After parting, take one section and start applying about 2 to 3 pumps of mousse. On which section to choose, you can go with any that works for you. However, it is always best to start at the back of your head and work your way to the front. 

Mousse is a great product because it will help to mold your hair, making it easier to work it around the rollers. 

Note: When applying the mousse, make sure that you apply from the tip to the base of the hair (the scalp) to ensure that the full hair structure is mold. 

Step 4

Now that we have made the hair mold enough and easy for rolling, use the comb or a brush to keep the hair detangled as well as smooth. You don’t want to have your hair tangling while you are rolling it. 

This is the moment that you have been waiting for, let’s put the rollers in your hair. Put the end of the hair a few inches from the flexi-rod- about 2 inches. 

After this, roll your hair onto the flexi-rod, preferably in a counter-clockwise rotation. Make sure that the end is covered when you are rolling, to secure the rod. 

Then roll the flexi-rod to the scalp of your head and bend it to the opposite direction of the curl. Repeat the same process with the rest of your hair. 

Step 5

To keep your Curls in place, spray some mist over your entire head. As a recommendation, go for a product like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Boost.

The spray will ensure that your curls are kept in place while making your hair shine and adding a little volume to it. Then sit under a hooded dryer for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. You can also choose to go outside and let your hair to sundry but this will take a little longer. 

Step 6

Once the hair is dry, it is time to remove the flexi-rods. You want to slowly remove the rods one by one and hold the root of the curl between your fingertips while you do it. 

Step 7

Now that you have finished removing the rods, you can fix any curls that came apart prematurely in step 6 by finger-curling it in the same direction of the curl to keep it into place.

When you are finger-curling it, you should have some of the hair lotion on your finger, which will make the recoiling process easier. 

You are done! Now, you don’t want to go to sleep and find your curls messed up in the morning, you have to preserve them and the best way of doing this is to gather all of your curls to the top of your head and tie it up, pineapple style.

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