Do Wide-leg Jeans Make You Look Fat?

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Wide-leg jeans are the new trend in fashion. And the chances are that if you are looking into trendy high waist jeans, you have come across forum discussions suggesting that wearing high waisted wide leg jeans makes you look fat. As these discussions go on, many women begin to wonder if getting a new pair of wide-leg jeans will make them look wider, heavier, and even shorter than their actual size. 

Wide leg jeans with a high waist do not make you look fat, wider, heavier, or shorter than your actual size. Instead, wearing wide-leg jeans with a high waist makes you look tall.  

Wide leg jeans with a high waist are the best fitting jeans for curvy body types; this cut of jeans merges casual and trendy to accentuate pear-shaped women as wide-leg jeans balance out large hips and thighs. 

Generally, wearing High-waisted, wide-leg styles can make you appear taller, slimmer, and leaner.

There is a good reason why wearing wide-leg with high-waisted jeans make you look slimmer:

  • Wide leg jeans are trendy and versatile
  • The wide-leg is comfortable for curvy women
  • The high-waisted, wide-leg style can make you look slimmer 
  • High-waisted jeans with wide-leg jeans can help elongate your figure and look a lot taller than your actual height.

2. Why do wide-leg jeans make women look fat.

Wearing wide leg jeans or a pair of pants can easily go awry if you do not know how to wear them to accentuate your body type and height. 

Typically, the main reason why wide-leg jeans may make any woman look fat is due to not wearing well-fitted wide-leg jeans that accentuate her curvy waist area, hips, and thighs. Often times petite women come out worse off wearing wide-leg jeans than other body types.

No wonder that most people have often asked me within my social circle if Petites can wear wide-leg jeans and pull it off.

Generally, Petites can wear wide-leg jeans successfully. However, for a well-polished look in your wide-leg jeans with a high waist, pair it with a button-down browse and high heel shoes.

3. How to wear wide-leg jeans without looking like a beached whale?

When wearing your wide leg pair of jeans, make sure to compliment them with monochromatic tanktops with a contrasting color of your wide leg pair of jeans with a high waist. 

There are benefits to wearing your wide leg jeans with a monochrome button-up or contrasting color tank tops.

  • Wide-leg Jeans will give you a more streamlined figure
  • Emphasize your hourglass shape with these pants
  • A good suit to pair with them: high waisted, fitted top 
  • Pair it with cropped jackets for an elongated look
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