Is Hyaluronic Acid Better Than Niacinamide

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Hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide are the most used skincare compounds in the skincare industry. From serums, face cream to body lotions, there is never a way to avoid coming into contact with one of these skincare ingredients. But, which is better, Hyaluronic acid or Niacinamide?

Hyaluronic acid is better than Niacinamide. Rehabilitation and repair of Dehydrated skin and diminished wrinkle lines or dark spots are some of the most significant benefits you get from using Hyaluronic acid. Unlike Hyaluronic’s ability to alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of your fine lines and visible wrinkles while also speeding up skin cell turn over, Niacinamide protects your skin barrier so you don’t have to suffer from skin damage. 

Hyaluronic and Niacinamide’s main difference is that Niacinamide plays a protective supporting role in the skin barrier (the outer surface of the skin) while Hyaluronic acid nurtures the damaged skin, revives it back to life. 

Hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide are best used together so that the hyaluronic acid moisturizes, repairs and smoothens the skin while Niacinamide works its magic in increasing the much-needed skin resiliency. 

Apart from making your enlarged pores slightly smaller, Niacinamide also improves the texture of tired and brittle skin by making pores look diminished than they are while also. It also helps to balance the oil production, which can cause acne.—it’s good for all skin types

We all love our skin, don’t we? No matter what color or texture you have, your skin is beautiful and it is one of the things that make you unique. 

To keep your skin looking fresh and plump, it is important that you should learn about the various techniques as well as the products that you can use.

However, before using any type of products on your skin, you first have to learn about the different types of skin textures in order to find out where you all. In other words, you have to know your skin type

When you know your skin type, it will be very easy for you to find out the information on how you can take care of your specific skin type. That being said, the techniques that you would use on fair skin aren’t the same with those you would use if you had darker skin. 

The same theory applies to skin care products. Have you ever been in a scenario when you tried so many products to get rid of your acne but every product seemed to make things worse?

If this has happened (or is happening to you), there is a very good chance that you are using the right skin products on the wrong skin type. 

As such, when you know your skin type, it will be easy for you to find the products that were specifically made for your skin. 

Speaking of skin care products, this article will talk about some very essential ingredients, which are the Hyaluronic acid and Niacimanide (or Vitamin B3). If you want to know more about them, you have come to the right place. 

Hyaluronic acid vs. Niacinamide 

Before we answer your question, let us first get into each of these ingredients and find out the benefits that we can get from them.  

Hyaluronic Acid

This is one of the most important ingredients that plays a major role in retaining moisture on the skin, hence keeping it hydrated. 

Generally, our bodies naturally produce the hyaluronic acid themselves, in order to maintain a stable level of moisture on the skin, thereby keeping skin from getting too dry. 

As such, when you are going for a product that has this hyaluronic acid, the ingredient will serve as a humectant. 

A humectant’s purpose in a product is to draw moisture from the surroundings onto your skin. In other words, humectants simply attract moisture. 


Niacinamide is my favorite ingredient. It is actually a form of Vitamin B3- the other being Nicotinic acid. 

Generally, the main purpose of Vitamin B3 is to convert the food you eat into usable energy, while also ensuring that some of the energy is stored. 

There are so many benefits that come with using this amazing ingredient, such as helping in preventing a type of skin cancer called Melanoma and curing kidney diseases, among others.

Vitamin B3 has very strong antioxidant properties that work to give your pores and deep clean and to rapidly slow down free-radical production. 

Because of such characteristics, Niacinamide makes a great product that would work on acne prone skin. On top of that, Vitamin B3 is a good way to maintain your skin’s oil production

So let’s answer your question

Is hyaluronic acid better than Niacinamide?

As we have seen, hyaluronic acid seems to mainly target dry and dehydrated skin to provide you with moisture. If not mixed with other ingredients, the hydration is its main purpose and it executes that flawlessly.

On the other hand, Niacinamide comes with a lot of benefits, not just to the skin, but the rest of the body as well. 

It keeps the skin hydrated and helps the skin in retaining natural oils that keep the skin plump and healthy. 

As such, I would say that hyaluronic acid isn’t better than Niacinamide, but vice versa. Therefore, it is the Niacinamide that is better than the hyaluronic acid.

Now that I have answered your question, let’s look at some of the products that are formulated with hyaluronic acid.  

10 best skin care products with hyaluronic acid

Here’s a look at the top 10 products with hyaluronic acid that you should definitely try out today. 

  1. Revitalift 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

The first product on our list is this amazing serum by L’Oréal Paris. The Revitalift serum is probably the most popular hyaluronic acid serum ever made. 

With its great results and positive customer reviews, the serum’s popularity has grown even further, reaching a global level. 

It is very effective in minimizing pore sizes while giving your skin a great boost of hydration. Also, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, thereby making your entire face look plump and healthy. 

All the way from Paris, this $18.31 serum was made to give your face that glow that you deserve. Because it doesn’t contain parabens or any fragrances, this serum is perfect for all skin types.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum.

With a price of $6.80, this serum is probably the most affordable hyaluronic serum that you will ever find. 

For those people that have dry skin, I’m sure the Hyaluronic acid and the Vitamin B5 will quench your skin’s thirst. 

One thing that makes this product special is that it is not formulated with any pore-clogging oils as well as alcohol. This means that this B5 serum won’t irritate your skin. 

  1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Gel-Cream.

For decades, Neutrogena has been one of the leading brand for skin care products such as serums and skin toners (among others)

This serum was specifically designed to give you an all-day boost of hydration. When you apply this formula on your face, you get this tingly 1 minute sensation that feels good. 

The Neutrogena contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid, doesn’t smell like anything, and keeps the skin looking bouncy and healthy without clogging pores.

Also, this formula is oil-free and it is lightweight, which means that it will not clog your skin pores. 

  1. Olehenriksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum.

Up next is a serum from Olehenriksen. This formula comes at a price that is higher than most of the other products on this list. 

This delightfully citrusy serum combines skin-brightening vitamin C, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and exfoliating poly-hydroxy acids for a trifecta that simply can’t be beat. 

To get the best benefits from this serum, I recommend that you should use it on a daily basis- preferably every morning after your routine facial cleanse. 

  1. Vichy Minéral 89 Daily Skin Booster Serum and Moisturizer.

Halfway in the Serum list, we have this Mineral 89 Daily serum by Vichy. With a regular usage, this serum will give you the maximum hydration and antioxidant properties to keep you skin looking young and free. 

To ensure the product is perfect for all skin types, Vichy made this product free of parabens, fragrances, oil, alcohol, and colorants.

  1. CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum.

I’m sure we have all heard about CeraVe products at some point or the other. Their products have reached to all the corners of the world- I know the world is round, but… you know what I mean.

With as little as $24.99, you can get yourself this renewing serum that contains Vitamin C and a dose of hyaluronic acid. Also, it contains ceramides to hydrate as it brighten and soothe your skin. 

Best of all, it’s noncomedogenic and fragrance-free, so it boosts radiance for sensitive and acne-prone complexions, too

  1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum.

Coming at a fair price of $38.00, this product has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid as well as collagen, both of which keep the skin hydrated and bouncy.

On top of that, it contains colloidal oatmeal as well as aloe Vera, which provide a soothing sensation that can calm the most irritated skin. 

  1. Olay Deep Hydration Serum with Vitamin B3+ Hyaluronic Acid.

In our eighth place we have something different for you. Here is a serum that is enriched with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide (our other ingredient of interest in this article) 

This serum was made to take care of your dry spots, redness, and fine lines that you may have.

  1. Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum.

In this product, we are provided with a dose of Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, to keep your skin moisturized and shielded from acne break outs. 

The brand also offers a special ingredient, pineapple ceramide, to fight dullness, smooth texture and boost luminosity for a healthy, youthful glow.

  1. Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Acid Cloud Cream.

Peter Thomas Roth came up with this hyaluronic acid-enriched formula that was made for the thirstiest skin. 

Besides that, it also contains ceramides (another hydrating and protective ingredient) to ensure more supple and smooth-looking skin. 

One thing we love about this product is that it is oil free, meaning that it won’t clog your pores.

10 Best Skin Care Products With Niacinamide

Now that we looked at the products that have hyaluronic acid, here is a list of the products that have Niacinamide. 

SkinCeuticals B3 Metacell Renewal

Coming with a moderate concentration of niacinamide 5%, the SkinCeuticals B3 renewal comes first in our list and should be first on your skin care list as well. 

It also has a 15% concentration of pure glycerin, which keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. 

On top of that, it removes wrinkles as well as fine lines around the eyes, making it an excellent product if you want younger looking skin. It will also even out your skin to give you a great balance.

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM

CeraVe just never seizes to amaze us. When it comes to skin care, CeraVe specializes in facial cleansers, serums, and even skin toners- I guess you can call them the ultimate dermatologists.

Coming with a niacinamide concentration of about 4%, this moisturizing lotion comes with a lot of skin rejuvenating ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid. 

After cleansing and toning your face (with CeraVe products- *wink face*), apply this lightweight lotion. 

Dr. Jart+ Dermask Brightening Solution Ultra-Fine Microfiber Face Sheet Mask

The third product on our list is this famous Microfiber face sheet Mask by our very own Dr. Jart and Dermask. 

This mask features antioxidants like glutathione and bisabolol. These strong ingredients work on reducing pigmentation and discoloration. In time, like a month or so, you will achieve a brightened skin tone.

Biopelle KNR Serum

Up next, we are looking at one unique product. This serum contains a rich blend of three of the greatest skin repairing agents, which are kojic acid, niacinamide, and retinol- I guess you would call this serum a triple threat. These help in improving the skin tone, removing impurities by clearing the pores and providing hydration (among others)

Also, KNR Serum is formulated with an original Retinsphere® liposomal delivery technology. This is an advanced tech (excuse the terminology) that helps the serum penetrate skin easily and optimize retinol’s efficacy.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration

You know how hyaluronic acid adds hydration to the skin? Well, this niacinamide product doubles the amount of hydration that you would normally get from any other products- in safe quantities though.

It specifically targets dehydrated, flaky skin, and other extreme conditions like eczema and rosacea. 

Besides from rich niacinamide quantities, the cream also contains colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and ceramide. 

Glamglow – Instamud 60 Second Pore-Refining Treatment

Are you a person that is battling acne? Then this is a product that will make all those problems go away. It also contains witch hazel that reduces inflammation

It also contains aloe Vera that was blended in to calm your skin. All ion all, the product cleans the pores in just as little as a minute.

Paula’s Choice BOOST 10% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Booster

Paula’s Choice Serum contains 10% niacinamide which, without a doubt is very high. This would definitely explain the price. 

This formula is basically a skin health booster, mainly because it boosts the hydration on your skin and calms even the most sensitive skin. 

Depending on your skincare routine, this ultra-light sheer liquid formula can be used as a stand-alone serum or followed up with other serums. 

Nia 24 Skin Strengthening Complex

Here is an amazing product from Nia. The strengthening complex is known for visibly reducing fine lines, wrinkles, as well as other age related issues. 

It enhances the skin’s barrier function, thereby protecting you from excessive sun damage. Also, that’s to the Pro-Niacin ™, any broken skin cells are repaired. 

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% serum reduces blemishes and controls breakouts. To prevent an acne breakout, the formula is enriched with zinc that controls sebum production. 

However, I would recommend that you should consult your doctor or dermatologist first. Otherwise, I think this product should be in everyone’s skin care routine.

Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel

The final product on our list, which also concludes this article, is the Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel. If you have never heard of Squalane, it is a powerful antioxidant that helps the skin in retaining moisture. 

Niacinamide is combined with peptides that work to reduce puffiness and that annoying dark color around your eyes. In the long run, this product will make you feel fresh and clean. 

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