What Body Type Looks Best In High Waisted Jeans?

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As the daily weather average continues to lower, It’s getting colder outside and that means it’s time to start pulling out the best of your winter wardrobe. Good pairs of jeans is the most common fashion wear to keeping warm while looking stylish. And high waisted jeans are no exception for this coming winter. But, what body type looks best in high waisted jeans?

As a general rule of thumb, all body types look best in high-waisted jeans The main difference between body types is the overall height. Typically any woman with an hourglass figure has long torso than any other body type, and because of the longer torso, high-waisted jeans accentuate her curves than all body types. Still, other types of women who can wear high-waisted jeans are those with a pear shape or apple shape. So, If you have any other body type, then don’t fret! You can still wear these pants as long as you make sure to buy the right size for your frame and find a pair that fits well.

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